About Taber Blake & Silka Fontein


Silka Fontein disappeared 15 years ago, right after her high school graduation after party. Where had she been? What happened to her? What surprises Taber Blake even more is the instant attraction he feels for her when they finally reunite.
Silka feels the same, but before anything can happen, an attempted kidnapping turns their world upside down. She has no idea who is after her or why, but she intends on finding out! In a race against time, across multiple cities all around the world, she tries to discover the truth while being hunted down by both the bad guys and Taber.
Silka's secrets have put her life in danger, but Taber's secrets are lethal. They eventually team up. Together with the help of the C.I.A, and government agencies like the U.S.A.I.D, S.A.D, S.O.G and his hilarious, action-hungry buddies, they try to stop one of the world’s deadliest criminal and terrorist organisations from hunting Silka down.
They expect complications in the process, but the one thing they never expected was to fall in love...until her deepest, darkest secrets are revealed. With a whisper of a word everything changes. Join the riveting world of drugs, sex, scams and diamonds. Can they survive the threats; the danger; the truth?

Who is Silka? 

The only daughter of Lucelia and Ted Fontein, Silka was always beautiful and confident. Ever since she was in the first grade, her family and the Blake's spent every spare moment together.
Silka is now in her mid thirties and as sexy, strong and independent as ever. She can kick ass like the best of them and loves taking matters into her own hands. Despite this, she also has her weaknesses, flaws and vulnerabilities. At times she has nightmares of things she had done and things that happened to her. There are moments when she gets overwhelmed, stressed, self-conscious and scared too. As she deals with everything going on in her life, Taber remains the only constant in her life. Can he help her through it all?

Who is Taber? 

He is the spoiled little brat of Don and Tabitha Blake that turned into a sexy, suave & successful business man. He grew up as the popular jock in school who spent amazing vacations with Silka and her family.
He used to be a playboy and did not have a care in the world, until Silka came back into his life. With the means and ability to make problems go away and look after his own, he is the epitome of what men want to be like and what women want.
His only flaw is her. At the age of 36, his world has changed drastically. He deals with a set of emotions and situations he had never thought possible. He is more than capable of coping with anything life throws his way, but he has a secret so deadly that he could lose everything if the truth was to ever be discovered. Could he survive that or life without Silka?

"Men will love the action and plot twists whilst women will love the chemistry and romance. Grannies will love timeless plot and grandpa’s the raging sex scenes. Teenagers will love the sexual tension and curse me for not letting them buy the adult book." Author Ash Stone 

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