Man!! Are you in for a treat!! Below is an excerpt of the St. Petersburg railway station scene and a picture of the inside of the railway station. We fell in love all over again after reading this!

They drove to the Vitebsky train station and got into their planned positions.
Phantom, Eagle Eye and Bulldog reached the luggage elevator. They snuck inside it and went downstairs.
Flash was waiting for Brett at the spiral stairs disguised as a bulky, bearded guard. His black suit and hat along with his Russian came in very handy. He stopped Brett from taking the stairs and offered him another exit, after Brett asked for directions to the parking lot. He followed Brett as he dragged his suitcase and grabbed him from behind when they reached the parking area outside.
Brett had years of combat experience which enabled him to get out of Flash’s snake coil grasp. He punched Flash in his ribs with his elbow and twisted himself around. He did not count on the fact that Flash was even more experienced. Flash grabbed his attacking arm and pushed it down with one hand, while with the other he tazered his neck. He struggled as Flash quickly kicked his bad knee and floored him. Quickly, Flash reached over to get Brett off his knees and vertical.
Instantly Brett fought back by punching Flash in his stomach, which inevitably connected with Flash's bullet proof vest. Flash tazered him again and kicked him so hard in the face that he fell to the floor.
Before he could make another move, Phantom, Eagle Eye and Bulldog appeared with their weapons drawn. Phantom and Bulldog reached to pick him up, but Brett had pulled a knife from his belt. He flung it at Phantom and cut his neck. The other three members immediately subdued the attacker and knocked him out of his disguise and into a new one.
Phantom grabbed for his throat and fell to his knees. He tried to reach into his pants pockets for his small medical kit. Bulldog came to his rescue and forced him to lie down while he checked his vitals and the extent of the damage.
Eagle Eye and Flash tied and gagged Brett in such a way that hardcore BDSM seemed romantic.
"Wimp! It’s just nick," Bulldog said to Phantom and proceeded to patch up his neck.
Eagle Eye and Flash came to see for themselves. Their faces went pale and bleak. They paused for a bit. Then they started laughing.
"You won't even need tissue paper to patch that up!" Flash joked and then laughed.
"Tell that to Ryan Gauze-ling over here!" Phantom retorted.
"You should have seen your face, GQ boy!" Eagle Eye burst out laughing. "You'll be fine...little scarred, but fine," he said and held his hand out to help Phantom up.  
Bulldog had covered the slice, where Brett's electrocution impaired arm tried to cut him with very little success.
Phantom stood up and the four of them continued with their plan. "Bravo 2 company, come in for Alpha team," he spoke into his receiver.
"Bravo company over," Team leader spoke.
"We have Satan's doppelgänger, proceed with operation Sputnik," Phantom said, instructing them to arrest the Russians and the terrorists.
"Copy that," Team leader acknowledged the order.
They dragged Brett to their van. A familiar sound caught their attention. It was like sixties music. Nobody was really ‘there’ but everyone knows the music.
They dumped Brett and his suitcase full of clothes and diamonds in the van.
"Sounds like you and Flash have visitors from Mill-Walkie," Phantom instructed Flash and Eagle Eye to take the lead and take out the guys with the walkie-talkies if they were not ‘friendlies’.
Just then, gun shots and automatic gun fire could be heard from inside the station. Women screaming and loud banging noises could be heard all the way into the parking lot. The teams were under fire from gangs who refused Bravo team’s proposal of handcuffs.
"Flash and I will welcome our guests to Allah…," Eagle Eye held up his one weapon. "BAM-ma," he continued, holding up the other weapon.
"You and Bulldog Delta Force some peace in there," Flash suggested.
Bulldog smiled and shook his head. "Where did I get you walking clichés from?" he laughed.
They all smiled and gave each other good luck fist bumps.
Bulldog took the back and Phantom went in the main entrance. People were running out of the doors past him. Once inside, he noticed people running and some diving for cover among the tracers that flew all over the place. A scared little three year old girl stood in the centre of the hall crying hysterically while her mother stood screaming for her by the square columns, unable to get past the mob of panicked people, as she searched for her daughter.
Silka watched him on the monitor. Phantom holstered his gun and in a split second swooshed the baby girl up in his arms. He ran past the square columns, grabbed the mother and broke into the big, wooden structure behind it. There he hid the little girl and her mother behind the counters, out of the line of fire. Silka's legs went weak from the tenderness and pride she felt.

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