Why our story is's rephrase that: Why our story is written...

Silka: "The author had always fantasied about a guy like Taber. Let's face it. He's intelligent, funny, not too bad in the looks department, strong and able to keep his cool in any situation. Taber is the kind of guy that doesn't take shit and no one fucks with him. He takes what he wants, and when he takes a woman and makes her his, he does it in such a way that he is in control of her every breath; every moan; every scream. When there is danger or problems, Taber is cool, calm and in control. The issue is resolved in seconds, no matter how big or small with integrity and tact. Even if the tact calls for a bullet. He is ready for action in a drop of a hat! As he proved in Moscow (Capital D) he can kill bad guys and save a little girl and her mommy all at the same time. He is compassionate, caring and endearing. You can take him anywhere and he'll get along with everyone. What the author and I love most about him...his MOJO!!"

Taber: "Not too bad in the looks department hey? Thanks Silka! God I love this woman and so does the author. You can tell that she tells it like it is and has a great sense of humor. I love a confident woman. That to me is the sexiest thing in the world. Silka oozes confidence. When she walks into a room she commands everyone's attention by the way she holds her head up high. Her shoulders are straight, her posture statuesque and her smile sincere. She makes eye contact and has a firm hand shake. She is witty to boot! When there are problems or tension, she is quick with a joke to diffuse the situation. Silka doesn't take shit either. She is normally somewhat reserved, but can be feisty with a quick temper when the situation demands it. She can shoot, karate chop the fuck out someone and still spit out an quirky insult while the guy is groaning on the floor begging for a visit from the Reaper. Her sex appeal lies not in what she wears, but the naughty smile she hides and soft blinks and gestures. That drives me to the edge of insanity! But mostly, I'm crazy about her empathy and love for all. "

So here you have the two of us. The quiet, reserved sex siren and the strong, noble Adonis. We kick ass, takes names and make name sometimes too. Yes, we can make huge asses of ourselves. We are not perfect. We both have scars, a little work to be done here and there on our physiques and some pretty nasty habits. But, what the hell! We only live in your creative genius called imagination. You can make us look any way you want!!

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