Monday again? We just started relaxing!!
Back when we were kids, weekends always seemed long.

Silka: "Speak for yourself Taber, I hated school!"

Taber:" Not me babe! I loved school."

Silka: 'That's because you were the popular jock."

Taber: "That's true! I'm sorry, I forgot you hung out with Nicole 'Bitchy' ever day?"

Silka: "The only good thing about my day was seeing her at break!"

Taber: "Yeah, again I'm sorry about that baby."

Silka: "Argh! Can we just carry on posting please?"

As we were saying, the weekend just flew by. But do not despair about the week ahead! We have your back. Be it little fun facts, amazing videos or just little jokes, we are here for you!

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