They say our chemistry is similar to that of Twilight. We think it's better than that, but we do know we are different to most couples you read about.

We belong together like soda and ice. Like soup and Croutons. Like socks and boots! There is no major personality clashes or age gaps between us. The one is not into weirder shit than the other. We live the same life and dream the same dreams.

TABER: "For instance, Silka is a confident, beautiful woman who does more than just plot revenge the one minute and do something amazing for charity the next. She can kick ass and is a go-getter!  She is witty, smart, feisty and fragile all in one. She seems to be as normal as they come, but sometimes shit happens!"

SILKA: "Taber on the other hand, is gorgeous, strong, competent (Boy!! is he competent!?) and capable of protecting a puppy the one minute and killing a bad guy the next minute. He never loses his cool, unless it is some pretty serious shit I did. He is ambitious, hard working, responsible and just as level headed as I am."

****Taber choked on his drink after the "level headed" remark*****

SILKA: "So you see, both of us have a lot in common. We are even in the same age bracket (mid thirties)."

TABER: "Another thing we do have in common is a great sense of humor too!"

So before you put us in a box, twi harder to understand us first.

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