Today is meet the crew day. What crew you ask? Well, just the handsome walking cliches in the book, Capital D knows as Team Alpha aka Team Awesome!

Full disclosure: THEY ARE NOT REAL! These are just the people they slightly resemble.

Excerpt 1: 

Paul Hubert was nicknamed Bulldog, because of his tenacity. He was excellent at recon, tracking and shooting.
 Taber had seen him once when he had tracked a guy and shot him into a tree. The guy was literally stuck standing against the tree.

Paul’s best friend and brother in arms was Riley O'Conner aka Eagle Eye. He was the sniper of the outfit. He needed one shot to take someone out, rather than the two short bursts they were normally trained to take. Naturally, he could also shoot from great distances.

Herman Schultz specialized in making things go Kaboom! His friends referred to him as Flash, because that was normally the last thing his enemies saw. He was quick, quiet and ruthless.

Excerpt 2: 

Eagle Eye
“Better get some rest, Bud,” Bulldog urged Taber.
“Damn straight. Can’t show up all puffy and ugly when we rescue a babe,” Eagle Eye smirked.
“Doesn’t matter,” Flash said. “One look at you and she’ll run in the other direction,” Flash teased him. The mood lifted in the room as they all laughed at Eagle Eye’s ‘make believe’ mortified expression.

“I should have gotten some curling irons and facial masks instead of weapons for you lot,” Taber joked. 

Excerpt 3: 

“Time to cowboy-up boys. Time is running out,” Taber informed them, as they made their way to the nearest door.
“Yee-haw on that,” Eagle Eye responded as they broke through the door.
“Let’s make like a PC virus and crash this place,” Flash chirped in as they walked in.
They were in a long corridor with a series of doors what looked like offices on one side and a long solid wall on the other where the production facility must have been. At the end of the corridor there was a T-junction that met a hallway.
“Enough with the one-liners boys, we have company.” Bulldog was not one to make light of a situation. He had that quiet cool about him and was always very alert. 

So come meet our hilarious friends and read all about their sexy, funny adventures: AMAZON

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