A brand new scene trailer was just released! We know there are so many, but this one is WOW!

Silka: "You've all heard about Taber's mojo right? As someone who experienced it first hand..."

Taber: "Oh my God! Are you bragging right now?"

Silka: "No!! okay, maybe just a little, but let me finish okay? As I was saying, it's hard to describe his mojo. You have to read how exactly he used it to get me out of the dark and depressed state I was in, but this scene trailer offers some excerpts."

Taber: "I think it's more of a video teaser than a scene trailer. I do love it though and I hope you do too?"

It's never been shown before and you...YES YOU.. are the lucky one to see it if you click on this button right here:

Taber: "I know! that was cruel of us not to post it here, but we hope you click on it and enjoy it? I'm off to give Silka a reminder of my 'mojo' so she can describe it next time."

Silka: "Um..okay..trying my best to breathe here....but yes, you enjoy it! Bye!!"

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