>>>Taber & Silka;

Taber: "Hey you sexy thing! Yes, you reading this. I'm sitting here on my couch with my hand on my c...chest! Got you! I love someone with a dirty mind! Truth is, I'm blown away. If you could see me right now, you'd probably laugh at the way my ruffled hair is moving in time with my head as I shake it."

Silka: "Hand on a bible, true story! Taber and I are both so excited and humbled and Oh my God, I can't even find words!!

"Why do we feel like we just won the lottery or something? Because not only have our story (you know it as Capital D) been featured on some very amazing blogs lately, but now we are on the website of Devorah Fox!"

"Taber will agree that she is not only one foxy lady, but also a very talented and successful author!"

"Join Silka and I as we check it our for like the millionth time!"

You have to see this!!

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