Guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen! We are not poets nor are we nearly as talented as this author/artist, but we feel compelled to try our hand at doing an Ode to Shannon McRoberts! This is to praise her for helping us celebrate the birthday of our creators. ( Yes, that would still be Jesus and Ash Stone!)

So in our most dramatic gestures and voices....

Silka: "You are an artist, blogger, author and so much more!"

Taber: "Yet you help out other authors without asking 'what for'?"

Silka: "Oh! Shannon McRoberts, you are the best!"

Taber: "So to you we say; "Merry Christmas' and all the rest."

"Seriously Taber?"


"all the rest... surely you can do better than that honey?"

"I'm a guy baby, what do you expect?" 


Taber: "We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for being who you are and for all your kindness."

"That didn't even rhyme silly. I give up!" 

"Rather read this..."

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  1. I am just now seeing this. Thank you for the ode :)