Taber & Silka: 

"We came across this awesome website: and thought these zombie apocalypse tips really applied to South Africa these days. With no power across vast sections of the country, it's like we already have the zombie apocalypse.  People can't cook, do washing or have any form of electronic entertainment. We are essentially stumbling around in the dark lazily, waiting for something to happen. Wait?? Does that make us the zombies?

If you are not a zombie, then here are some awesome things to help you survive with no power."   

1. How to Make Pine Resin Glue


Image: LotusMonger
When your matches run out, use the environment around you for sources of light and heat.

2. Altoids Sours Grill


Just because you're out in the wilderness doesn't mean you need to skimp on hot meals.

3. Solar Water Purification


Use the power of the sun to ensure you have clean drinking water.

4. Crisco Everlasting Candle

Candle wax is in short supply, but you can always use what's leftover to light your way.

5. How to Make a Compass


Image: Calsidyrose
Do not get lost while you're seeking shelter.

6. How to Make a Flashlight From an Altoids Tin


Image: dan winckler
These tiny, strong and versatile tins will be extremely valuable in the new world.

7. How to Make Char-Cloth

Even when there's no wood to start a fire, you can still get a blaze going in no time.

8. How to Make an Emergency Heater From a Coffee Can

Coffee Cans and such

When the heat goes out, use your new-found MacGuyver skills to keep yourself warm.

9. DIY Fire Starters

Who's to say what your new environment will be like? Make sure you've got some emergency kindling.

10. How to Use a Lemon for Electricity


Image: Troy Tolley
You probably won't need your smartphone in the new zombie world — but always be prepared.

11. Open a Can Without a Can Opener


Image: Mike Mozart
Stock up on canned foods. They're a lot easier to have around than you think.

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