"What are doing this weekend?" Taber asked as he did the final loop in his tie. He looked at Silka briefly as he stood in front of his mirror inside his colossal walk-in oak closet.
  Silka had just finished putting on her thigh-high pantyhose on her side of the walk-in closet. Her toned, tanned body glistened after what he considered her "marinating ceremony" with every lotion and potion in her closet.
 "I think we have a dinner with friends tomorrow night, but apart from that I'm not sure baby."
Silka smiled as she stood up and picked out a red dress. She pulled the dress over her head and then shook out her hair.  She walked over to Taber. His navy blue suit matched his blue eyes perfectly.
   "Damn, that's right. I forgot about the dinner." The funny face he pulled while he said it, had Silka in stitches. She walked right up to him. Her gaze was focused on his belt.
   "We..uhm..." she reached for his tie and toyed with it seductively before continuing, "blow them off and go away for the weekend?"
  The look on his face depicted a picture of a clock ticking while his brain considered her suggestion, "Fuck it. A dirty weekend away is just what I need."
  Silka leaped up to her tippy toes and flung her arms around his neck.

This is what she said...


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