In the lives of Taber & Silka today:

"Okay, we don't know anyone called Miss Molly, but we like the song, so it rocked as a good title.

Why did we title this post after a song?  Because today we both had a Good Golly Miss Molly moment! "

Taber: "Today I Skyped with several clients at the same time. I had each client on a separate screen,  but they had all four conversations open on one screen. It took me a while to see why they were so focussed on one particular client. The client's boardroom was surrounded by just glass. Very fancy place, but in the background you could see staff working at their cubicles. Unfortunately the PC screens faced us, and one particular employee was watching...yep you guessed it, porn!! I was like this..."

Silka: "My Good Golly Miss Molly moment was when I was having lunch with my mother. Everything was civil for a change until a lady dressed like she should be shopping at Walmart came to eat at the same restaurant.My mother was naturally mortified. She went over to the lady to advise her that her attire was not appropriate for an elegant establishment as such and blah dee blah. Only when the lady removed her sunglasses to respond to my mother did I realize she was a very famous Pop star.  It goes without saying that my face was like this.." 

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