Today is Monday! We went back to work kicking and screaming just like everyone else after a brilliant long holiday. What is it about this day that upsets us so? MON means "mine" in French, so this should be "MY" day for all of us. A day where we can take time off from the house and family...get stimulation from other sources... hide from kids!!

The majority of people around the world have the weekends off, which means Mondays we can go tell our co-workers what we did and feign interest in what their weekends were like. We solve problems, deal with difficult people, finish endless amounts of paperwork and do eye-straining PC work. Then another weekend comes along that we have to look forward to. So what's the big deal?

We think the big deal about Monday is the change that happens. Nobody likes change. Going from an underwear-less few days of relaxation and or an active social life to waking up early to get dressed for work and face traffic is a huge change!! That is why Mondays suck! So to all of you we say....

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