Make EXCUSES your EX!

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Every day we go through life making excuses. "I can't stop smoking because it keeps me calm," or "drinking relaxes me" or "my children drive me to snap the way I do." More and more excuses because the fact is that we are genetically creatures of habit and comfort. Far be it from us to "change" anything that requires effort on our part. A few select people have the will power, drive or whatever you call it to change. We label them as fitness freaks and health geeks, because criticizing them makes us feel better.
Honestly, a healthy lifestyle requires no effort on your part. It requires you to incorporate healthy options into your meals and pre-planning & prepping home cooked meals to save yourself time during the week. Saving your self time is not a huge effort, but a huge favor to yourself. If you top all that off with some well deserved "me-time", whereby you can de-stress and rid yourself of all your frustrations through exercise, it will not be an effort, but a reward. The reward being that you loose weight, look younger and live longer. Does that sound like punishment or effort? Noooooooo!!! 
As for the wasting of food; eating healthy left overs from the night before as lunch the next day is not wasting. It is in fact cheaper, healthier and by far less time consuming than making yourself something else. It helps you cut your portions, if you hate that dreaded "hungry" feeling, a glass of water will do wonders. Water has special, magical powers. It cleanses your body, hydrates your skin, alleviates hunger and prevents anything from bladder infections or water retention to pimples. Groovy!!! We know.

None of this is really rocket science or breaking news. The truth is we all know what we are meant to be doing. Getting to do it is the hard part. People wait for that one A-HA moment or that one diagnosis of doom & gloom, that sign that they must change their lifestyle. 
If you are a mom...that sign has been in front of you this whole time. That little piece of your heart that walks outside your body, living a life of it's own is your reason to live! 
Start tomorrow, buy fruit to eat during day. Any you wish, as long as it is not inside a pastry. 

Drink water before you eat any meal and after you have consumed any meal (including the fruit). 
At night (1 hour after dinner), go somewhere unoccupied in you house where you can listen to music. Try moving to the music for 30 minutes. If by tomorrow, you feel like you have achieved nothing in terms of energy & your self esteem, go back to your old life. Chances are, however, that you will feel better about yourself, and you will slowly drop your old lifestyle faster than the "Macarena".
Baby steps day at a time.

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