Taber: "We know a lot of Ash Stone's fans have been dying for the second book to come out."

Silka: " Trust me, so have we!!"

Taber: "I've been hammering on and on about it to the extent where the Ash Stone is contemplating my death!"

Silka: "Not to worry, I won't let her kill Taber off. Tell them the great news Tay?"

Taber" "Yeah! we are happy to share that the second book is in the final pre-edit stages."

Silka: "Hell yeah! We are so excited to have you read how our story continues! It gets better and better!"

Taber: "On that note, we'd like to thank you for your patience! I know ours have been tested to the extremes!"

Silka: "Just goes to show that our fans are as kick-ass and strong as we are!"

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