"We live in Johannesburg South Africa. People think because we are rich we don't get affected by what happens in the country, but here are the facts.

Unless you are a politician or live near one, you get "load-shedded" and not in a good way. Our one and only power supplier for the whole of South Africa (and then some) is Eskom.
They can't meet the demand for electricity, because they never planned or maintained their power stations, transformers or cables to do so. So in order to lighten the load on their grid, they cut off the power to business, homes, schools, hospitals, rich people, poor people... Really, they don't discriminate.
Then there is the crime! If that's not enough to contend with, the lightning storms virtually every afternoon is a given.

So every morning before work we have this routine:
1) We do as much as possible to make sure we have food, clean clothes, charged phones, etc  just in case we get load shedded in the afternoon until late the evening. That way we can at least read or play a game on our devices while wearing comfortable clothes and eating something not store bought.
2) We switch off all electronics just in case the lightning hits them. We also make sure our pets are taken care of in case it hails or if the lighting is bad.
3) Then we hide all the valuables and make sure everything is locked up tight and the alarms are activated in case we get broken into.

But, don't feel sorry for us. We are a resilient lot. We are fighters and survivors against all odds.

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