Taber & Silka take a deep breath as they simultaneously plonk themselves on the leather couch. Taber takes Silka's hand and kisses it gently. She places a kiss on his hand in return.

 "What a week!" they both almost sigh out the words in unison.

Silka: " I had had a hectic week from hell!"

Taber: "Fuck yeah! A business trip lead to a meeting, which lead to work and more work! Whoever dictated that we should all work for money, should be re-incarnated as gravity research subject . "

 Silka: "It was exhausting for me too. I had a colleague take off on her Bi-polar Express and go mental over a report." As she sees the look of concern on Taber's face, she quickly adds, " I told her to go PMS somewhere else. "

 Taber shakes his head and smiles. He pulls her into his arms and gently kisses her forehead. "Atta girl." Thank God it's weekend!!

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