The Best of...

Today in the lives of Taber & Silka;

    Taber and Silka are sitting in front of his massive PC screen. The red study walls highlight their perfect physiques as they stare at the strange blue screensaver. The waves on the screen swirl and curl in anticipation for one of them to press any key to exit 'screensaver mode' and enter their blog. They blog daily, but today they have run out of ideas. Silka is resting her hand on Taber's upper thigh as she contemplates possible ideas.
Taber seems tired and stumped, but the sudden light bulb moment and snap of his right fingers livens his posture up.
    "Enough with the advice and the serious stuff! I think we want to go back to basics and have some fun. What do you think, Silka?"
Silka wakes from her screensaver trance. She looks at Taber.  His dark hair and stubble accentuates his perfect smiling lips. She straightens up and grins.
    "I thought you'd never ask Tay! Let's do something fun!" There is a twinkle in her eyes as her soft, long brown hair gently caresses from her jawline to her back. Taber gets lost in her radiance.
    "Okay, like what? I can't think of anything at the moment," he says distractedly.
    "Oh! I know! Let share some of our favorite jokes?" He pulls the keyboard closer. The keyboard makes "tick-tick" sounds as he types in a heading and then turns to face Silka.
    "Beauty and brains!" he leans over and plants a kiss on her lips before they continue to search for their funniest jokes.




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