We are back from holiday! We had a great time, and hope you had a great holiday season too.Our holiday wasn't all about the sun-kissed beaches, sapphire surf and moonlit strolls. We also chatted to some readers and shared what we wanted to read. The discussion started with books, but then went on to blogs and other reading media.

The interesting part is that most readers are sick of fear induced headlines. 10 THINGS THAT WILL KILL YOU is not a hot topic. Readers also don't want to read pages upon pages of long, coma inducing essays on any topic. Readers have hard, busy lives. They have so much stress and too little time as it is. When they read something, they want something informative, quick, entertaining and fun. Where it comes to books, readers want one thing...escape!

We feel exactly the same. So remember that bloggers and writers. Unless your book is titled HOW TO GET RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING & UNBELIEVABLY RICH OVERNIGHT, readers like us want quick entertainment and instant information!

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