Taber & Silka:

"So today we thought we'd share with you our homes in the City of Gold that we had lived in."


Taber: "I grew up with my parents near a man-made lake. It was pretty awesome, although if you know my mom, you'd know it was a like living in a smothering sauna with abandonment issues. This is very close to what the right wing of the mansion looks like in the home that belongs to Tabitha and Don Blake, my parents."


Silka: "I grew up in a prison. Just kidding! It felt like one, though. If you have read our story in Capital D, you'd understand why. This is almost what my parent's house looks like. The dwelling of Lucifer's sister, Lucelia and her adorable husband Ted."

"Wanna see what our home looks like? Okay. These pictures describes our home perfectly."

"So there you go.  The homes of the past and present. What the future holds? Hopefully a home on a deserted island far away from our mothers! We still love them!"

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