In the lives of Taber & Silka:

Taber is sitting at his desk. The red study walls and library of books draw his eyes away from the computer. Silka walks in and hesitates to interrupt his thoughts. She stands there momentarily, studying his beautiful tanned complexion.

    "If you are thinking about your girlfriend, she is right here." Silka teases.
    "I should hope so! I'm never letting you anywhere else but HERE!" His pretend threat did not reach his face, as he smiled the entire time.
 Silka winks and steps slowly towards him. Her playful eyes dance in the shimmer of the dim light cast from the lamp by the door,
    "And what makes you think you can keep me here?"
    "Trying to tease me, are you?" As he raises from his chair, his voice lowers as he adds with a hint of mischief, "I have ways to keep you here."
    "Ooh! And what are those ways?" She shimmies her shoulders and pouts her lips in an effort to shake his confidence.
    "For starters," he starts and then slowly leans over to his side to pick up the handset. He presses a speed dial button and stares at Silka while he waits for an answer.
    "Bring it in," he says to the person on the other line. After he hangs up he walks over to Silka. He wraps his arms around her and softly kisses her.
    "Was that it?" Silka taunted him.
    "Part of it," Taber moves around her and takes a box from his butler. "Thanks Henry."
As soon as Henry leaves Taber opens the box.
   "A puppy?" Silka almost squeals in delight. She hugs both the puppy and Taber.

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