Taber: "A survey of the most popular music people listen to while making love was released."

Silka; "There are some favorites in there, but some of them I've never even heard of!"

They are...

  1. "Intro" by The xx is the No. 1 song to make love to.
  2. "From Eden" by Hozier, 
  3. "Menswear" by The 1975, 
  4. "Magic" by Coldplay, 
  5.  Remix of "You & Me" by Disclosure, 
  6. "Sweet Ophelia" by Zella Day, 
  7. "Let's Get Started" by Dylan Gardner, 
  8. "Night Like This" by LP, 
  9. "Talk Is Cheap" by Chet Faker, and 
  10. "Dreams" by Fou De Toi
Taber: "If you have read our story, Capital D, you'd know Silka and I are a very...how can I put this... passionate couple."

Silka: "But not the BDSM  Say-please-and-I'll-whip-your-ass kind of passion. We are passionate about each other's bodies and reflect that in our love making."

Taber: "You got right. We do kinky in a whole other way!"

Want to know our sex playlist? Keep in mind it grows everyday, just like our love and sex life!


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