Taber: "So yesterday Silka had a turn to share some facts about her. PS: They were ALL true!! Today you get a rare insight into the awesomeness that is me."

Here's my 10:
1) I only cook if danger is involved, like a BBQ.

2) It doesn't always work, but I'd like to think I have some part in my favorite team's success with my pre-game rituals.

3) I like gadgets with lots of shiny buttons and screens. It shows off my impeccable taste and makes me feel important because I can control complicated technology!

4) I'm scared of nothing, apart from eye lash curlers. Brrrrr....Yuck!

5) When playing a game against a guy, I hate to lose! When playing against a women, I don't mind so much. Probably because I score in other ways after?

6) If after a meal, I try on clothes and they don't fit, it's the "cut" or the clothes that have shrunk. It's never because I picked up weight, or am bloated from too much food.

7) I would totally buy myself an electric train set and even build a special room for it!

8) If I try to fix something and it doesn't work, I'll throw my toys out the cot, but I'll NEVER give up.

9) I don't take shit from anybody and nobody fucks with me. I am in control of myself and my surroundings at all times.  I make problems disappear in an instant. If I can't do it, I take care of it with one single phone call.

10) If I want something rare, I want it yesterday! I will take a substitute if need be. If the woman I love wants something, I will take days, even months to find her the most perfect, exact thing she wanted.

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