Silka: "Everyone thinks I'm this unemployed, rich, bad ass chick that double's as an assassin's girlfriend, but the truth is I'm like most women out there."  

I give to you Exhibit 1-10: 
1) I set my alarm for 10 minutes earlier than needed and oversleep anyway.

2) I always apply mascara with an open mouth and, if I ever attempt to shut it up, I always mess up and get that mascara stain.

3) I throw my phone into my big purse and then, spasmodically, look for it and can’t find it when it rings.

4) I always carry around my big purse full of stuff that I never use, but I always think that one day I might need it right there.

5) I arrange stuff into the right place and then, I forget where the right place was.

6) I look for my sunglasses when they are right on top of my head.

7) When I look at myself in the mirror, I often think: “It would be great to have a picture taken in this position…”

8) When I am in a hurry, I always look for keys that I had in my hands just couple of seconds ago.

9) I always need to keep two or more different shampoos, various conditioners and two (or more) different shower gels in our bathroom.

10) I definitely need to check out how I look in the mirror before hitting the outside world!! 

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