Everyone knows Taber and Silka are huge health nuts. They would not have looked the way they did, if they weren't.  BUT...fear not! just like every normal person they like the easy way out when time is not on their side!

Silka's QUICK NO FUSS weight loss advice for women

1) Drink water before you eat. It will make you feel fuller and you won't overeat. Eat gum in between meals.
2) Try to eat only 1 or 2 small portions a day. If you don't know what a small portion is, it fits onto a side plate. Everything and anything you want, but moderation is the key!
3) Walk as much as possible and climb stairs instead of taking the elevator. You have 30 Floors? Easy Peasy!!
4) Instagram your food. You won't eat like a pig if you see how much you have dished up. 
5) Find that one outfit you are dying to get into and use that to help you remember what you are doing this for. 

Taber's QUICK & PAINLESS weight loss advice for men.

1) Eat 6 small portions a day. 
2) Run, don't walk! The world is about to end. 
3) Picture your hero and imagine what he would do in your shoes. (Unless your hero is Homer Simpson. Then run!)
4) Drink lots of water to hydrate your awesomeness!
5) Thinks of the hot babes dude! The HOT BABES!!! 

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