Taber: "Silka and I decided to take a little vacation. Rather than going somewhere 'normal' we went visit 20 of the most unusual hotels in the world."

Silka: "Here's a little taste of what we experienced..."

1) Whitepod Hotel, Switzerland

An eco-luxury alpine escape for adventure seekers. Website

2) Attrap Reves, France

This extraordinary bubble hotel lets you sleep comfortably but still feel like a part of nature and the night sky. Website

3) The Caves Resort, Jamaica

A luxurious oceanfront resort built into the cliffs. Website

4) Hotel de Glace, Canada

A magical hotel intricately sculpted from ice. Website

5) Magic Mountain Lodge, Chile

A strange place for eco tourists to feel close to nature. Website

6) Singita Sweni, South Africa

One of the many luxurious game reserves in southern Africa. Website

 7) Sala Silvermine, Sweden

An underground hotel with a few unique guest rooms. Website

8) Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

An underwater resort. Although it is up and running, I can’t seem to find a single photograph- so you get concept art instead. If I’m buying into a hoax, let me know. Website

9) Iglu Dorf, Switzerland

Spend the night in a cozy igloo in a winter wonderland. Website

10) The Atomium, Brussels

This strange structure provides an escape from everyday life and is an experiment in communal living. Website

11) Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

Another gorgeous safari lodge in Africa that puts you close to nature. Website

12) The Oberoi, India

Staying in this gorgeous hotel will make you feel like royalty. Website

13) Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

A stunning luxury resort in a tropical paradise, with private infinity pools. Website

14) Ice Hotel, Sweden

Staying in the largest ice hotel in the world is like living inside a diamond. Website

15) Kakslauttanen Igloo Village, Finland

A magnificent  winter wonderland with bold colors and luxurious accommodations. Website

16) Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway

Located in the heart of a fairytale forest, each room has at least one wall of glass and overlooks the dramatic scenery. Website

17) Nhow Berlin, Germany

A vibrant and colorful hotel dedicated to celebrating music. Website

18) Amangiri Resort, Utah, USA

A luxurious hotel designed to blend into the desert landscape. Website

19) Viceroy Hotel, Bali

A stunning hotel in paradise with an amazing view. Website

20) Sorrisniva Iglo Hotel, Norway

Another magical ice dwelling for the adventure seekers. Website

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