Taber: "So you are an adult.  Your kids think you are over the hill and boring! Your friends think you are unable to have a good time, right?"

Silka: "Fear not. We have done it all!! But just because we are adventurous and "borderline insane" doesn't mean you have to be."

"Here are some crazy fun things to add to your bucket list this summer;

1) Hire a street performer to entertain your guests at a BBQ. 
2) Build a model rocket. 
3) Go indoor skydiving! 
4) Have a backyard sleepover for adults. 
5) Learn the art of baton twirling.
6) Play bicycle polo.
7) Go beach combing with a real comb.
8) Dance in the street.
9) Have your own dress up Mardi Gras.
10) Teach your dog how to ride a scooter
11) Go fruit picking and a have a picnic afterwards.
12) Have a Gladiator training day.
13) Try out grass skiing!
14) Experience an open air theatre.
15) Have a piggyback fight in the pool.
16) Play street hockey. 
17) Go Zorbing in a giant hamster ball! 
18) Visit a farmer's market. 
19) Dig for your own clams.
20) Nap in a hammock!"

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