Taber: "On behalf of Silka and I, we would like to sincerely apologise for our absence of late."

Silka: "Our creator, (Yes, the one who writes about us) has had us do some crazy shit lately!!!"

Taber: "Of course we can't tell you what the crazy shit is, because the Author would kill us. Literally!!"

Silka: "We enjoy our story being told so much, that we won't risk that ever happening."

Taber: "To make up for it, we would like to share some pictures of places we have been to."

Silka: "Think of them as... teasers?"

Taber: "First up is Spain!"

Silka: "I loved the Drakensburg in South Africa!" 

Taber: "The place I have been to a thousand times, but won't forget after the last trip...Paris" 

Silka: "There are a few more places we went to, but out of fear for our virtual and mortal lives, we won't post those yet," 

Taber: "Once again..." 

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