We are TABER & SILKA: We are the book characters of Capital D by Author Ash Stone. No one will ever love us the way she does. We are her heart and soul!!

You already know a little about us from previous posts, and you will learn a lot about us in the Capital Series, but here some secrets you didn't know...

1) Taber's Birthday is on 5th of May and Silka's is in 9th of September. That is 05/05 and 09/09! Cool huh?

2) Silka shaves/ waxes everywhere! She stays thin by drinking a digestive herbal tea each night.

3) Silka always has to have something covering her chest or ears while she sleeps.

4) Silka still rents her old apartment because she loves the shower head!

5) Silka is a Bieber fan just because he took his mom on stage one time and thanked her for everything she had done for him.

6) Silka has slept with 18 men. It sounds like a lot, but that is one per year from the age of 18 to now. Taber "lost" count,

7) Taber manscapes!

8) Taber sleeps naked.

9)  Taber likes One Direction, but will publicly deny it!

10) Taber holds a pillow against his ribs while he sleeps.

11) We discovered the other day that we secretly watch porn when the other one is away.

12) Taber MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT have a love child with another woman, but that will be revealed in one of the books in this series.

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