Taber & Silka:

"We don't know about you guys, but this week has been so long already and yet it is only Hump Day! Yep! Midway through the week and we are exhausted!

So to get us inspired and motivated our creator/ author forced us to look at some motivational pictures. We "loved" it so much we thought we'd share our torture with you guys! Yes, We are very caring like that. You're welcome!"

"Could this be any more lame!?" 

"Like not working?" 

"Yeah, what about some rest, huh?" 

"In that case, we're good!" 

"Sure, it will. Our lives are positive that we don't want to work." 

"Whatever! Fuck you too." 

"Hopefully after this post, our fucking author will get the hint and gives us some time off? Whatd o you think? Yeah, we're screwed!" 

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