Taber: "My team and I had some pretty rough experiences lately. It got me thinking of a simpler time when everything was much easier."

"We're always like this..."

Paul was nicknamed Bulldog, because of his tenacity. He was excellent at recon, tracking and shooting. Taber had seen him once when he had tracked a guy and shot him into a tree. The guy was literally stuck standing against the tree.
Paul’s best friend and brother in arms was Riley O'Conner aka Eagle Eye. He was the sniper of the outfit. He needed one shot to take someone out, rather than the two short bursts they were normally trained to take. Naturally, he could also shoot from great distances.
Herman Schultz specialised in making things go Kaboom! His friends referred to him as Flash, because that was normally the last thing his enemies saw. He was quick, quiet and ruthless.
Taber was introduced to them by Paul shortly after he had arrived and they established that everything was supplied to Paul's satisfaction. He told them that he had met Taber shortly after finishing school in South Africa. Paul merely hinted that Taber had a specific skill set they required for the op. The exact extent of their relationship was kept secret from the other guys. For the time being, how they had met was on a need to know basis. Roughly translated in the real world as never! As soon as the initial pleasantries were dispensed with, they sat down and made small talk while they waited for a call from Joshua.
Eventually, Bulldog paced up and down, impatient for some action. Eagle Eye and Flash went through the weapons and explosives to make sure they were ‘clean’.
Taber grabbed a shower and changed into black Military Rip-stop BDU pants along with a tight, long-sleeved, black v-neck shirt. It clung to his bulging chest muscles and well defined abs. It complemented his athletic V-frame upper body. His pants that sculptured his lower body looked like cargo pants, but the pockets were less visible. He was soon pacing around like an expectant father in a delivery room.
Paul’s aunt had cooked them dinner which they ate because they were hungry - the woman could not cook.
Meanwhile, Josh had been on his phone so much, it had become a second appendage. Taber kept going back and forth between Bill’s office and Paul’s base of operations. He was in constant contact with Josh and Bill. The waiting was killing him.
That night he kept his clothes on to be battle ready when Josh called. The other guys were dressed in their Navy Seal pants but plain black shirts. The time seemed to drag forever.
“Better get some rest, Bud,” Bulldog urged Taber.
“Damn straight. Can’t show up all puffy and ugly when we rescue a babe,” Eagle Eye smirked.
“Doesn’t matter,” Flash said. “One look at you and she’ll run in the other direction,” Flash teased him. The mood lifted in the room as they all laughed at Eagle Eye’s ‘make believe’ mortified expression.
“I should have gotten some curling irons and facial masks instead of weapons for you lot,” Taber joked.
They settled into various corners of the lounge in the one bedroom apartment. No one was going to get a lot of sleep, but some would at least help. 
It had been twenty-four hours since Silka had been kidnapped. They were running out of time.

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