Taber & Silka: Today we thought we'd share some of what we have been up to:

This is just a small scene we did in Capital D:

The fourth man was right behind her. Her hotel was three blocks away in the other direction. She needed to find a hide-out and quick.  He had gained on her faster than a cat on water. His hand suddenly grabbed her arm from behind and dragged her into the entrance of a building. When she resisted, both his arms encircled her from behind and dragged her through a push door into the hallway of the building.  Resisting the urge to scream, she tried to fight the arms holding her. She lifted her arms up and away from her, then dropped like a sack of potatoes, her dead weight releasing her from his grip. Before he leaned down and tried to grab her again, she turned and kicked hard.
"Jesus!" the man screamed grabbing his chin.
"Tay! What the hell?" she screamed.
"Sshhh!!" Tay silenced her while rubbing his chin. Listening for sounds and satisfied that they were still ahead, he turned to her.
"Come with me if you want to live!”
"Now is not the time to quote movie lines, Tay!" she hissed.
"Baby, you have no idea!" He held his hand out to her and helped her off the floor. She had torn her pencil skirt at the seam, almost all the way to her crotch, so she turned the skirt towards her side. The torn skirt was hidden underneath her long leather coat.
While she was doing that he rifled through her bag and tossed her mobile phone on the floor. It shattered into pieces.
Silka looked at him as if he had just killed her child.
"Time to audition for a marathon right now... And we'll discuss the how and why the first chance we get. Now run!!!" he yelled again and they flew down the long hallway.
By the time they had reached the back door, the front door had pushed open and deafening shots rang out.  Bullets ricocheted off the walls around them. Tay and Silka raced up the alleyway behind the building and screeched around the corner to find the most populated part of the street. The gunmen were going to catch up with them at any minute. 

What happened next was this: 

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