Thought we'd forgotten about you, haven't you? It's okay. You can be honest...

Where have we been? Author Ash Stone has been hard at work finishing the action packed series. That means that Silka and I have been up to our ears in battles, both in and out the bedroom!
We have a feeling Author Ash Stone is going to get this message soon...

Only to one day have this...


Taber: "My team and I had some pretty rough experiences lately. It got me thinking of a simpler time when everything was much easier."

"We're always like this..."

Paul was nicknamed Bulldog, because of his tenacity. He was excellent at recon, tracking and shooting. Taber had seen him once when he had tracked a guy and shot him into a tree. The guy was literally stuck standing against the tree.
Paul’s best friend and brother in arms was Riley O'Conner aka Eagle Eye. He was the sniper of the outfit. He needed one shot to take someone out, rather than the two short bursts they were normally trained to take. Naturally, he could also shoot from great distances.
Herman Schultz specialised in making things go Kaboom! His friends referred to him as Flash, because that was normally the last thing his enemies saw. He was quick, quiet and ruthless.
Taber was introduced to them by Paul shortly after he had arrived and they established that everything was supplied to Paul's satisfaction. He told them that he had met Taber shortly after finishing school in South Africa. Paul merely hinted that Taber had a specific skill set they required for the op. The exact extent of their relationship was kept secret from the other guys. For the time being, how they had met was on a need to know basis. Roughly translated in the real world as never! As soon as the initial pleasantries were dispensed with, they sat down and made small talk while they waited for a call from Joshua.
Eventually, Bulldog paced up and down, impatient for some action. Eagle Eye and Flash went through the weapons and explosives to make sure they were ‘clean’.
Taber grabbed a shower and changed into black Military Rip-stop BDU pants along with a tight, long-sleeved, black v-neck shirt. It clung to his bulging chest muscles and well defined abs. It complemented his athletic V-frame upper body. His pants that sculptured his lower body looked like cargo pants, but the pockets were less visible. He was soon pacing around like an expectant father in a delivery room.
Paul’s aunt had cooked them dinner which they ate because they were hungry - the woman could not cook.
Meanwhile, Josh had been on his phone so much, it had become a second appendage. Taber kept going back and forth between Bill’s office and Paul’s base of operations. He was in constant contact with Josh and Bill. The waiting was killing him.
That night he kept his clothes on to be battle ready when Josh called. The other guys were dressed in their Navy Seal pants but plain black shirts. The time seemed to drag forever.
“Better get some rest, Bud,” Bulldog urged Taber.
“Damn straight. Can’t show up all puffy and ugly when we rescue a babe,” Eagle Eye smirked.
“Doesn’t matter,” Flash said. “One look at you and she’ll run in the other direction,” Flash teased him. The mood lifted in the room as they all laughed at Eagle Eye’s ‘make believe’ mortified expression.
“I should have gotten some curling irons and facial masks instead of weapons for you lot,” Taber joked.
They settled into various corners of the lounge in the one bedroom apartment. No one was going to get a lot of sleep, but some would at least help. 
It had been twenty-four hours since Silka had been kidnapped. They were running out of time.


Taber & Silka: Today we thought we'd share some of what we have been up to:

This is just a small scene we did in Capital D:

The fourth man was right behind her. Her hotel was three blocks away in the other direction. She needed to find a hide-out and quick.  He had gained on her faster than a cat on water. His hand suddenly grabbed her arm from behind and dragged her into the entrance of a building. When she resisted, both his arms encircled her from behind and dragged her through a push door into the hallway of the building.  Resisting the urge to scream, she tried to fight the arms holding her. She lifted her arms up and away from her, then dropped like a sack of potatoes, her dead weight releasing her from his grip. Before he leaned down and tried to grab her again, she turned and kicked hard.
"Jesus!" the man screamed grabbing his chin.
"Tay! What the hell?" she screamed.
"Sshhh!!" Tay silenced her while rubbing his chin. Listening for sounds and satisfied that they were still ahead, he turned to her.
"Come with me if you want to live!”
"Now is not the time to quote movie lines, Tay!" she hissed.
"Baby, you have no idea!" He held his hand out to her and helped her off the floor. She had torn her pencil skirt at the seam, almost all the way to her crotch, so she turned the skirt towards her side. The torn skirt was hidden underneath her long leather coat.
While she was doing that he rifled through her bag and tossed her mobile phone on the floor. It shattered into pieces.
Silka looked at him as if he had just killed her child.
"Time to audition for a marathon right now... And we'll discuss the how and why the first chance we get. Now run!!!" he yelled again and they flew down the long hallway.
By the time they had reached the back door, the front door had pushed open and deafening shots rang out.  Bullets ricocheted off the walls around them. Tay and Silka raced up the alleyway behind the building and screeched around the corner to find the most populated part of the street. The gunmen were going to catch up with them at any minute. 

What happened next was this: 


Taber & Silka: "We've been reliving some of our old memories in the new series. Our dear Author has been working us to the bone in some more action packed scenes."

Here is another memory we'd relived:

"Don't work too hard, because you are going to need all your energy tonight," he said seductively, in a low voice and gave her a look that could make crass Viking Wenches weak-kneed.
"Aw, poor thing. You have no idea what you are in for." She pouted her lips and gave him a snarky sympathetic look.
He swallowed hard for a second in anticipation of her hot threat. "Neither do you, baby," he threatened aggressively but gave her a kiss so soft and tender it left her wanting more. She appeared slightly disorientated. He smiled at his victory and walked away.
When he arrived next to his car he received a phone call. Standing on the pavement he took the call as he distractedly walked down the sidewalk past some shops. A supplier was on the other end and informed him in detail of a supply problem.
Taber listened intently, but became very distracted suddenly. Could that be Silka? What was she doing? Where was she going?
"I'll call you back," Taber hung up on the supplier. He ran to his car and told the driver to follow Silka. She drove out of town towards Soweto. He followed her into the township, which consisted of brick mansions and tin shacks all mixed up in one. She continued past the shacks, shops and houses to the outskirts of Soweto until she reached a school in the middle of Dobsonville. Taber made the driver turn around a few minutes later after they passed her. What the hell was she doing here? Silka stood talking to some women when he walked into the school.
"It's good to be back. We have a lot of work to do!" she said to the ladies.
"Silka?" he called to get her attention.
She turned around in shock. "Tay, what are you doing here? Did you follow me?" she asked exasperatedly, clearly annoyed by his presence.
"What is this?" he asked. Just when he thought he knew her, she sprung another surprise on him.
The look Silka saw reminded her of the night in Moscow when they had entered her hotel room. The same look of confusion, fear and disconcertment was in his face. Silka stepped forward, but he stepped back.
"I can explain," she said calmly.
"Explain what?" He shook his head in disbelief. Millions of questions raced through his head. She had lied about the kind of work she had done in Nigeria. That had almost got her killed. After everything they had been through, why would she keep this from him? Working at a school was not a big deal, yet she had lied to him about it. Why would she lie about working at a school? What was she doing here if she worked for the USAID? What was she doing in town everyday if she worked all the way out here? Maybe she was stalking him. Who the hell was this stranger?
"Tay, please?" Her voice was shaky.
He was dazed and confused. After all the killing he had done for her. After putting him through hell when he thought he had lost her. After saving her life and nursing her back to health. After all the trouble he had gone through to bring her out of the darkness and now this? He was tired of being lied to and being treated like a mushroom. He did not deserve it. He shook his head and stormed off.

Silka tried to run after him, but it was too late. He was gone. 

To find out what happened next between us, you'll have to go here:


Taber & Silka:

"We don't know about you guys, but this week has been so long already and yet it is only Hump Day! Yep! Midway through the week and we are exhausted!

So to get us inspired and motivated our creator/ author forced us to look at some motivational pictures. We "loved" it so much we thought we'd share our torture with you guys! Yes, We are very caring like that. You're welcome!"

"Could this be any more lame!?" 

"Like not working?" 

"Yeah, what about some rest, huh?" 

"In that case, we're good!" 

"Sure, it will. Our lives are positive that we don't want to work." 

"Whatever! Fuck you too." 

"Hopefully after this post, our fucking author will get the hint and gives us some time off? Whatd o you think? Yeah, we're screwed!"